Fun Facts about Scrubs

Robert Shakir

Medical scrubs are protective workwear specially designed for healthcare professionals. Sometimes, scrubs are even worn outside hospitals, often to make a fashion statement.

But scrubs are more than that! Read up to learn some interesting facts about scrubs.

  1. The scrubs you see today evolved out of the nun’s habit. Nuns used to be the ones who take care of the injured or sick people in the past. A floor-length wear was used by one of Florence Nightingale’s students in his well-respected nursing institution in London.
  2. Scrubs are not just used in the hospital. Many backpackers are already choosing to wear this clothing because of its lightweight but sturdy materials. Also, scrubs are designed to allow people to move freely which is also a perfect thing for an adventurer.
  3. Are you wondering why nurses are dressed differently than surgeons or doctors? That is to make it easier for people to identify them. This difference in clothing was suggested by Florence Nightingale.
  4. In the 1860s, senior nurses used black ribbons in their cap bands to indicate their seniority while new nurses used ribbons with light color.
  5. Did you know that nurses used to wear floor-length dresses in the early 19th century? Sure thing, they feel uncomfortable wearing those! But for people in the past, it is more important to be seen respectable than to be comfortable. They also wear them to look different and be separated from the servants.
  6. Fortunately, after WWI, people shortened medical dresses into skirts. The shirtsleeves became simpler and easier to roll up. Military nurses began using a cape-like garment called tippets and badges that indicate their rank. With these changes, nurses are now able to move freely and more easily. They can now run when there’s an emergency!
  7. Between 1950 and 1960s, medical professionals started using green-colored apparel because the white operating gowns paired with bright lights in the OR caused eyestrain to OR staff and surgeons.
  8. It was in the 1970s when scrubs started to gain popularity because they were easy to clean. Also, people thought scrubs are less likely to transmit diseases or infections.
  9. Scrubs were also called “surgical greens”. They were called “scrubs” as surgeons change into these clothes before scrubbing in for the surgery.
  10. Did you know that nurses once wear hats as part of their uniform? This practice was just discontinued because male nurses did not want to wear them.
  11. Before 1940s, surgeons used to wear butcher’s aprons and street clothes. They changed it because people realized that it was unhygienic and rude.
  12. These days, almost all medical professionals wear scrubs. There are non-surgical scrubs for staff outside in the OR and the surgical scrubs which are typically a shade of green or blue. Scrub tops available online are either short-sleeved or V-neck. Some scrubs include good warm-up medical jackets with knit cuffs and long selves.

Isn’t it awesome to learn about these fun facts about medical scrubs?

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