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5 Types of Medical Scrubs That You Can Buy

5 Benefits of Using Medical Scrubs

Looking for the perfect medical scrubs that will make you feel better about yourself at work? You’ve just landed to the right place.

If you are in the market for medical apparel, you need to familiarize yourself with the different types of scrubs first. Read up to learn five different medical scrub types.

1. Maternity Scrubs

Maternity scrubs, as the name suggests, are specially designed for women expecting a delivery. Maternity scrubs usually come in light yellow, orange, and other light colors. These types are a perfect choice for expectant mothers who want to be comfortable and still look fashionable. Shop at Scrubs & Clogs for maternity scrub tops and pants to keep you and your little one in a cozy comfort.

2. Veterinary Scrubs

Veterinary scrubs are created for professionals who work with furry or scaly patients. Veterinarians have different job functions than those who are in the human healthcare, which means they also need unique uniforms. Veterinary scrubs are a perfect choice for daily use and are beneficial in handling pet care needs. They are stain-proof, long- lasting and can stand the rigors of the intense animal care workplace. What sets these types of scrubs apart from the others is that they are more odor-resistant. Veterinary scrubs are available in a wide selection of styles and cuts online.

3. Surgical Scrubs

Surgical scrubs are designed for doctor surgeries, operating theatres and hospitals. They are made to be sterile and disposable due to the fluids and chemicals that surgeons come in contact during their procedures. They are also comfortably loose so they don’t affect precise working movements, and are ideally total-body coverage to keep the skin safe during surgeries. Surgical scrubs include surgical clogs, surgical masks, pullover clothing, and more.

4. Nursing Scrubs for Women

Medical scrubs for women are unlike other scrub types. They have specialized styling, pattern and unique roomy pockets, colors and shapes that suit female nurses. They also feature extra comfort and flexibility for long shifts. Some of the industry’s best brands of nursing scrubs for women include Cherokee, Dickies, Koi, and more. If you want to know where to buy nursing scrubs for women in Abu Dabhi and Dubai, start with an online retailer for a huge selection.

5. Lab Coats

Lab coats are long-sleeved white coats that are made from fluid and stain-repellent and breathable fabric with an antimicrobial finish. These are classic apparel that doctors that wear over another set of medical wear. Lab coats not only help physicians stand visible in a crowd of patients and employees, but they also make them look professional. These types of scrubs are stain-proof polypropylene or polyester and they are easy to clean. Men and women can buy lab coats in a variety of styles and colors to stand out.


  • Robert, I like that you said that there is separate medical apparel for veterinarians and it’s scrubs that are stain-proof, long-lasting, and durable for long hours of intense animal care. My cousin is planning to open an animal clinic soon, and he’s asking me to work for him in the clinic as a part-time job. I’ll share what you said with him here, so we can buy specific scrubs for ourselves before the clinic opens. Thanks a lot!

    Levi Armstrong
  • Thank you for pointing out that there are different types of medical scrubs in the medical field. It does make sense for the maternity scrubs to be different compared to other scrubs as it is worn by women who will be delivering a child. This is very useful information to remember.

    Kristofer Van Wagner

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