5 Benefits of Using Medical Scrubs

Robert Shakir

5 Benefits of Using Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs aren't considered as the standard clothing for medical professionals for no reason. Today, nurses and doctors can be seen in medical scrubs in different styles and colors. So what benefits can be expected using medical scrubs? Let’s check them out.

1. Medical scrubs provide comfort to medical professionals.

Medical professionals spend most of their time at work on their feet. Unlike office workers, most of them do not stay too long at their desks. They are making rounds taking vitals, lifting patients, operating, etc. That’s why very important to have a really good working clothes that allow them to move around easily. Medical scrubs for men and women look like pajama—and somehow feels like one. It features pant legs, elasticized waists, and loose-fitting sleeves which allows easy movement. With a perfect fit, they allow medical professionals to complete their job while still maintaining their comfort.

2. Medical scrubs make patients feel comfortable, too!

Gone are the days when medical professional uniforms are bright white and somehow make patients less comfortable. Bright white-colored uniforms tend to be pretty harsh to the eyes particularly when under a medical room lighting. Also, seeing blood or any other fluid on the uniform is unsettling. Now, medical scrabs and lab coats come in many colors—even printed ones and styles. And they are more calming to patients. Seeing scrubs with funny or cute designs is also uplifting.

3. Medical Scrubs keep things sanitary.

Medical scrubs are not just a clothing to cover the body. They are also designed to protect the wearer from dangerous spills or bodily fluids. Usually, doctors wear medical scrubs before starting a surgery or right after arriving at the hospital. At the end of their shift or after an operation, they are required to leave the scrubs behind for cleaning or laundering.

4. Medical scrubs are sturdy.

Medical professionals are always on the move. They do lifting and other heavy movements so they need to have clothes made of sturdy materials. Also, the materials should be easy to clean, which is very important in a field where sanitizing is a must. Sturdy materials make it possible to get the clothing under rigorous cleaning. Most hospitals usually have their medical scrubs sanitized using an autoclave, a high- temperature oven that kills infectious organisms like bacteria.

5. Medical scrubs make professionals look trendy.

Originally, scrubs were either white, pale blue, or pale green in color, which is pretty disheartening for those who want to look trendy. But it’s just a thing of the past. Scrubs nowadays are available in a variety of patterns, colors, and types. There are dark- colored scrubs for those who are at risk for bodily fluids or stains. They are available in many colors like yellow, pink, or something in between. There are also many designs to choose from like flowers, cartoon characters, and even breast cancer ribbons. These styles may inspire patients or just make them feel good.

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